Announcing my new mixed media artwork "The Scream"

While waiting for the last layer of my "Flemish Method" oil painting dry, I embarked on creating a new mixed media piece to add to the series "Americana."  Like previous works in this series, this new piece - The Scream No. 1 - tips it's hat to the culture and history of America.  However, unlike other artworks in this series, the subject - a women clad in a striped swimsuit - is terribly distressed.  She is not sharing the lighthearted sentiments of her predecessors.  In fact, her distress relates directly to the pulse in America during the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic.  She mirrors the anguish collectively felt by the entire nation.  The original artwork is quite small.  But, soon custom prints will be available online in larger sizes.  Please everyone, be well and be safe.  Cheers, Carolyn